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Top of the Rock wedding

Top of the Rock Wedding NYC | Sina + Travis

Sina and Travis’s NYC elopement was a dream come true for the couple, who had always been enamored with the city’s iconic landmarks and bustling energy. The vision: simple, elegant, and classically New York. And the choice for skyline views as they said their vows? Their Top of the Rock wedding ceremony was the highlight […]

Empire Fulton Ferry Boardwalk wedding at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Empire Fulton Ferry Boardwalk Wedding in Brooklyn Bridge Park | Jillian + Chris

After two failed tries at getting married during the pandemic, Jillian and Chris found a plan that stuck: an intimate Empire Fulton Ferry Boardwalk wedding for two. The day started off with the threat of rain, but the showers kept at bay as a thick fog covered most of the skyline. Still, the couple was […]

Four Freedoms Park wedding in Roosevelt Island NYC

Four Freedoms Park Wedding on Roosevelt Island

For those looking for modern, architectural and quiet, look no further than this Four Freedoms Park wedding on Roosevelt Island. Some people forget about this island floating in the East River (I know I do!) when contemplating NYC wedding venues, but for this couple, this architectural beauty was their first choice. Both bride and groom […]

Bethesda Terrace wedding at Central Park NYC

Bethesda Terrace Wedding in Central Park | Alisa + CJ

I love photographing Central Park weddings, and this Bethesda Terrace wedding really shows why. Nestled at the heart of Central Park, Bethesda Terrace holds some of the park’s most iconic architecture: Milton tile ceiling from the 1860s, carved sandstone, and painted murals adorning the interior of the Arcade. Add to it a perfectly styled couple […]

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