A Complete Guide to Having a New York City Hall wedding

Whether you're bringing your whole crew or just eloping as a party of two, here's everything you need to know on how to have a NYC City Hall wedding.

Guest count update: As of July 12, 2023, couples can now bring up to four adult guests with them, including one who can serve as witness (your photographer can count as one of these people). A “limited number” of children under 12 years old can attend and are not counted towards that number.

If would like to have get married surrounded by more family and friends , you can still elope in NYC surrounded by your loved ones, and my elopement packages include both photography and a private ordained officiant. See more information here


Covid-19 update: Starting July 23, 2021, the NYC Marriage Bureau will re-open to in-person wedding ceremonies! You must book an appointment ahead of time; walk-ins are not permitted.



How to Have a NYC City Hall Wedding

NYC City Hall wedding ceremony
1. Get a NYC Marriage License

The first step is to obtain a New York marriage license online through Project Cupid, or you can schedule an appointment to get an in-person license at the Marriage Bureau. Both in-person and virtual marriage license appointments are competitive but are released regularly every Thursday at 9am EST sharp, so be prepared to start refreshing your browser then. Appointments are typically release two weeks in advance of the date. The City Clerk’s Twitter also announces which week of appointments they are releasing.

See here for a detailed walkthrough to get a marriage license virtually through Project Cupid.

If you are going to an in-person appointment, here’s the full step-by-step instructions on the procedure. In short, it costs $35 (credit card or money order), you both need some form of valid photo ID (like a passport or driver’s license), and you must obtain the license at least 24 hours before getting married. Licenses are valid for 60 days. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you should confirm that NYC wedding licenses are valid in your country — a quick call to your consulate should clear this up.

2. Schedule your in-person City Hall ceremony

Like you obtained an appointment for your marriage license, you must now book an appointment for your in-person City Hall ceremony. In-person ceremony appointments are released every Monday at 9am EST sharp.

3. Show up at NYC City Hall at your scheduled in-person ceremony time

Now that you’ve obtained an in-person ceremony appointment, show up at the City Clerk 30 minutes prior to your confirmed time.

Masks are not currently required.

Couples are currently allowed four adult guests to come with them (your photographer being one of them), and one of them must also serve as witness.  A “limited number” of children under 12 years old are also allowed to attend.

New York City Hall wedding ID

4. Have your NYC marriage license processed

When your number is called, you will be directed to a numbered podium. You, your fiance(e), and your witness will all need to go. You then will need to hand over your marriage license and government-issued photo IDs (e.g. driver’s license, passport). Your witness will also need to show their ID. Then both of you and your witness will need to complete the marriage license in front of the clerk.

4. Wait to be called for your marriage ceremony

After completing your marriage license with the clerk, you need to wait for your number to be called a second time. When it is, if you’re at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, you will hand your completed marriage license to the Clerk at Podium 5 and proceed to a smaller antechamber in the back, and wait again for your name to be called. At this point you will no longer need any IDs or documents. There are two wedding ceremony rooms; you will not get to choose which one, but they basically look almost identical.

5. Have your NYC City Hall Wedding

When it’s your turn, the Clerk will call your name and you and your guests will go into the wedding room. There will be chairs or benches along one side to put down any bags or coats, and the Clerk will be standing behind a podium. Go up to the podium, place your rings on the podium, hold hands with your beloved and try to take it all in. The City Hall ceremony is very brief — literally under a minute — and then you’ll be married!

NYC City Hall Wedding FAQ

Same sex New York City Hall wedding

What type of NYC City Hall wedding packages do you offer?

All packages include ceremony coverage, group and newlywed portraits, edited hi-resolution digital images delivered in an online gallery, and personal usage and printing rights. A complimentary pre-ceremony Zoom video call is where we can get to know each other and make sure the vibe is right, and I can also answer all your questions.

Photography coverage is personalized to exactly what you envision — want getting ready photos? A first look and confetti exit? Lunch or dinner reception? We can definitely do that. I’m more than happy to answer any and all questions, make location suggestions, and also recommend trusted hair/makeup artists and florists if you need it.

NYC City Hall wedding packages start at $2,550. Custom-designed wedding albums and framed wall art are also available a la carte.

Where is the Marriage Bureau?

The Manhattan Marriage Bureau Office is located at 141 Worth St. This is where you can apply for your license and also have the ceremony performed. Other boroughs have different locations.

Can I reserve a time at City Hall?

As of July 23, 2021, you can (and must!) reserve an appointment for an in-person ceremony at City Hall. You can book your appointment here. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8:45 AM to 3:45 PM. Note that the Marriage Bureau currently releases appointments 3 weeks in advance.

Typically Fridays are the busiest days. However, due to the appointment system, you should be in and out in roughly 30-60 minutes, depending on the backup.

How long will the ceremony last?

Ceremonies are quite brief in that they only last for a minute, but you are welcome to linger in the room afterwards for photos.

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Can we bring friends and family?

As of July 12, 2023, the couple can have up to four guests join them. A “limited number” of children under 12 years old can also join, and are not counted towards that 4-guest maximum.

It’s just the two of us. Can you, our photographer, act as our witness?

Yes, I’m happy to do so, and I’ll also be able to photograph your wedding too!

Can we get married at City Hall and then take photos around the city?

Absolutely. All of my packages include additional location options to take photos around the city,  and I’m happy to make recommendations after we chat and I can get a sense of what aesthetic you’re envisioning.

Can we get married somewhere other than City Hall if we elope?

Of course! I’ve photographed elopements at picturesque places around the city — all you need is a licensed officiant to perform the ceremony. I offer both full-service New York elopement packages with officiant and photographer, or just elopement photography — see more info on my NYC elopement packages.

Are same-sex weddings legal in NYC?

Yes! New York has been legally wedding same-sex couples since 2011 when the Marriage Equality Act was passed. See here for more information on having a same-sex civil ceremony in New York City. I am more than happy to photograph any kind of couple getting married.

Can you recommend a hair/makeup artist or florist? Do you have suggestions of where to have a small reception afterward?

Yes! Whether you want just a simple bouquet and boutonniere, need a makeup artist to show up at your hotel at 6am, I can recommend talented local vendors I’ve worked with before. I’m also more than happy to make recommendations for places to have a reception after your ceremony, whether you want to grab a glass of celebratory champagne or book a private room.

What’s the City Hall wedding process like?

Here’s a step-by-step photo tour of how to get married at City Hall NYC.

Should we get married at Manhattan or Brooklyn City Hall?

Good question! There’s pros and cons for each location. I’ve written a guide to choosing between Manhattan and Brooklyn City Hall (complete with photos!) which might help you decide.



“Hands down, Jocelyn was fantastic from start to finish. Not only was she professional, responsive, enthusiastic and engaged from our very first communication, she was also great help to us in navigating the City Hall process and logistics. Pretty sure that's not part of a typical wedding photographer job description, but it's just one example of how Jocelyn routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty. I also have to give her tons of credit for being totally game to photograph in the pouring rain on our wedding day. Jocelyn went right along with it every step of the way with a wonderful attitude -- and we all ended up having a complete blast. I thoroughly appreciate Jocelyn's attention to detail, how she captures the beautiful emotions, the happiness of the day. She a phenomenal story-teller behind the lens and I just love how she told our story.”

Laura & Shi

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Mary & Mike

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Ashley & Chris

“Having Jocelyn as our wedding photographer was the best idea we had after deciding to get married! She captured every single moment and emotion from that day. I happen to be a very anxious person, so naturally planning even an elopement was tough for me, but she reassured us along the way and helped me tremendously with things most wedding photographers probably know nothing about. She was so sweet, pleasant and unbelievably creative. We've received so many compliments on the quality of photos and the way she documented our day for us. She truly exceeded our expectations and helped make this special day last a lifetime through beautiful photos!”

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