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Eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas

5 Best No-Mess, Eco-Friendly Wedding Send-Off Ideas

After the first kiss, there’s nothing like walking off as your loved ones cheer you on with a festive send-off. However, many wedding exit props are messy (not to mention environmentally unfriendly), making the wedding exit just a little less awesome. Here, a list of no-mess, eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas, some of which you can […]

Getting married at NYC city hall

Getting Married at NYC City Hall: Manhattan or Brooklyn?

Have you decided on getting married at NYC City Hall, but aren’t sure whether to have your wedding at the Manhattan or Brooklyn City Clerk’s Office? They’re only 2.5 miles apart, but there’s significant differences, and pros and cons to both. Here, a quick guide to the differences in getting married at NYC City Hall […]

Indoor photo location in NYC for a rainy day wedding

The 5 Best Indoor Photoshoot Locations in NYC | Rainy Day Wedding Photo Locations

Forecast calling for rain on your wedding day? For light rain, grabbing some clear or white umbrellas and keeping an adventurous spirit means we can continue our outdoor photos as planned. (Looking for some on short notice? Here’s some  white single umbrellas or a 10-pack from Amazon; note that as an Amazon Associate I earn […]


How to: Name Change After Marriage

For newly minted wives, probably the least exciting part is the name change after marriage. Luckily, it’s a straightforward (though somewhat tedious) process. Here’s how to change your last name after getting married: 1. Get your marriage license After the ceremony, you can get your official (or certified) marriage license from the City Clerk’s office where your […]

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