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Bethesda Terrace wedding at Central Park NYC

Bethesda Terrace Wedding in Central Park | Alisa + CJ

I love photographing Central Park weddings, and this Bethesda Terrace wedding really shows why. Nestled at the heart of Central Park, Bethesda Terrace holds some of the park’s most iconic architecture: Milton tile ceiling from the 1860s, carved sandstone, and painted murals adorning the interior of the Arcade. Add to it a perfectly styled couple […]

Bethesda Fountain wedding in Central Park NYC

Bethesda Fountain Wedding in Central Park | Neish & Tish

Coming from Jamaica and Trinidad, Neish and Tish knew that they wanted a laid-back, non-traditional, colorful wedding at an iconic New York location, full of queer-love and celebration. I say this emphatically: their Bethesda Fountain wedding in Central Park was exactly that. When I met the pair in the early morning at Bethesda Terrace, their […]

Brooklyn Bridge engagement photos

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement | Yuki & Mike

Waking up and trucking over to DUMBO by 7 AM isn’t a regular practice for me. But the promise of Brooklyn Bridge engagement photos with the soft morning light and early stillness before the rest of the city is up and rumbling? Yeah, I’ll wake up for that. Yuki and Mike, who live in the Financial District, […]


Ziliang and Aya’s Cherry Hill Wedding in Central Park, New York City

Ziliang and Aya would never had met had it not been for a mutual friend’s wedding in New York last year. Ziliang was living in California at the time, and Aya even further away in Japan. Yet they met that afternoon in Central Park, and the chemistry was magnetic. A trans-continental relationship ensued, and when […]