Best Indoor Proposal Locations in NYC In Winter

Looking for a warm indoor spot to propose in NYC in winter? Though you can certainly still go to the usual places to propose during a chilly winter day (I’m looking at you, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park), here’s a list of the best indoor proposal locations in NYC in winter where you can stay warm and still get a “yes.”


Met Museum Engagement Photos at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

1. Watch the snow fall from The Met’s Temple of Dendur

Love snow but don’t want to be in the cold? The Met‘s wall of double-height cathedral windows in the Temple of Dendur make it a pretty magical place to be. Surrounded by Egyptian artifacts, a quiet man-made river, and the windows, it’s impossible to get anything but a “yes.”


2. Take in the night sky at Hayden Planetarium

The bright city lights makes it difficult to stargaze within city limits. However, head on over to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, where you can lay down and their Star Theater projects an accurate night sky. There, you can get down on one knee under the night sky — in the middle of the day.


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3. Visit Old New York at Grand Central

With its vaulted ceilings and old train sign boards, head to Grand Central to take in some Old New York charm. Note that it’s still a functional transit hub, so you may want to gauge your partner’s appetite for a public proposal. Bonus: after popping the question, head down to the lower level for celebratory food and drink at one of the many vendors.


4. Revisit Your Youth at the Museum of Ice Cream

Turn back time to your youth at the Museum of Ice Cream, a candy-colored exhibit full of hands-on play. The main event is a swimming pool-size pink pit full of plastic candy sprinkles. Getting a “yes” from your partner? That’d be the real cherry on top.


St. Patrick's Cathedral proposal: best proposal ideas in NYC

5. Take a Private Tour of St. Peter’s Cathedral

You’ve probably walked past its ornate facade on Fifth Avenue, but have you ever seen the inside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral? Arrange for a private tour with Cathedral staff, who will discreetly navigate the two of you into a back antechamber for a completely private winter proposal.


6. Float by Skyscrapers in Roosevelt Island Tram

See the skyline from a different perspective while riding the Roosevelt Island Tram. Running every 7-15 minutes from 59th Street and Second Avenue, the tram gives you a great aerial view, as well as ample privacy to propose.


Chinatown dim sum: best proposal ideas in NYC

7. Eat Sunday Dim Sum in Chinatown

Sunday (or any day, really) is a great day to grab dim sum in Chinatown, especially when it’s frigid outside. Yes, it’s loud and chaotic — but it’s distinctly and memorably New York. Pork buns with a side of engaged? Best brunch ever.


8. Grab a New York slice at Joe’s

Maybe dim sum isn’t your thing, but I doubt anyone would turn down pizza. Joe’s is an iconic slice joint with multiple outposts throughout the city, but head to Greenwich Village for the original. Order a pie to share, and don’t forget to ask the question before the eating the last slice.


Campbell Bar: Best Proposal Locations in NYC In Winter

9. Celebrate at a Fancy Cocktail Bar

If you’re nervous, a little pre-proposal drink may help loosen you up (not to mention keep you warm in colder temps), making it one of the best proposal locations in NYC in winter. The city has so many fancy speakeasies and cocktail bars, you’ll have your pick of the pack to find just the right place.



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