How to Get Married Online in NYC

As of June 25, 2021, Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders 202.20 and 202.21 have expired, meaning that virtual wedding ceremonies are unfortunately no longer a legal option to get married. Instead, couples must now get hitched with an in-person ceremony. See my elopement packages with in-person officiant services and multiple hours of photography, and contact me if you’d like a free consultation!


Wondering how to get married online in NYC, thanks to the pandemic? Due to Governor Cuomo’s executive orders 202.20 and 202.21, anyone with a valid New York marriage license can now get married online via audio-visual telecommunications programs such as Zoom. Here’s how getting married online in NYC works.


1. Get your NYC Marriage License

Project Cupid is the NYC Marriage Bureau’s online portal to get a marriage license virtually. You will need to sign up and pay the $35 license fee, then choose your virtual appointment date. Note that appointments are competitive; new spots are released every Thursday at 9am. If that doesn’t work and you need a license ASAP (for example, for visa reasons), you can email or DM them on Twitter and plead your case for an emergency license appointment. The Clerk can use their discretion to grant last-minute appointments.

2. Wait at least 24 hours, but not more than 60 days

There is still a 24 hours waiting period between when you receive your marriage license and when you can get married. Your license is valid for 60 days. In the past, Cuomo has waived the expiration, but it’s best to get married within the 60 days to be on the safe side.

3. Schedule an online marriage ceremony with an NYC wedding officiant

I am an ordained and registered online marriage officiant, ready to get you married online in NYC! There are varying levels of virtual weddings, starting at $199, depending on how complex you want the ceremony to be and how many guests will be attending. We’ll first have an introductory call and can figure out what works best for you. Click here to see more details.

4. Get Married Online in NYC via Zoom

Once you’ve secured the date and time, you can get married online in NYC. Note that you, your fiance(e), and your witness must all physically be in New York state. You and your fiance(e) must be together, although your witness can be elsewhere in New York. With my Zoom weddings you’ll have a ceremony, complete with vows, ring exchange and first kiss — just like if you were getting married in-person. Afterward, we will complete the marriage license paperwork together.

5. Send the completed marriage license back to the City Clerk

Once the ceremony is finished, you and your spouse will need to complete the marriage license while still on the Zoom call. Your witness will then add their information and signature. Finally, I will add officiant details and signature. You will then need to the upload your marriage license back into the Project Cupid portal and email it to .


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Want to get married online

Hi Marina,

The first step is to get a marriage license appointment with the City Clerk via Project Cupid.

I want to register for marriage
But office in Brooklyn NY jerolem office is closed
I want where I can reg

You can apply for a marriage license with Project Cupid, their online system, or go to any open City Clerk outside NYC (I believe Scarsdale and Town of Greenburgh are open).

Hi. In case if we don’t want a ceremony after the will be only me and my fiancé .What will be the steps? Or we only have to submit the application after?

Hi. In case if we don’t want a ceremony after the will be only me and my fiancé .What will be the steps?

Hi Iri,
After you get the license, you need to still have to a private officiant marry you and sign the paperwork. My online City Hall-style ceremony is exactly what you’re looking for: a quick and easy “ceremony” that only has the mandatory legal exchange of vows and signing of the paperwork over Zoom. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, feel free to book a consultation and we can chat more.

Once you have an appointment for a marriage license, do you have to wait for physical paperwork to be mailed out ?or is the marriage license sent via email ?

Hi Steph,
If going through NYC’s online Project Cupid, you will get your license immediately following your virtual meeting with the City Clerk via digital download. If going in-person with another city or town clerk, you will need to ask them how they issue.



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