How to Complete a NYC Marriage License

Whether you’re getting married in NYC, you’re the witness, or you’re the celebrant officiating a wedding, you’ll need to know how to complete a NYC marriage license. It can be a little confusing because of all the empty fields, and there’s even more confusion now with the onset of Zoom online weddings. Here’s a guide to filling out a NYC marriage license, whether you’re the bride or groom, witness or an officiant.

How to complete a NYC marriage license

How to Complete a NYC Marriage License: the Marrying Couple

1. Make sure the marriage license has the correct spouse information

If you’re getting married, the first step is to get a marriage license from the City Clerk. Normally this would be obtained in person; during Covid times, with the office closed, you can get it via Project Cupid. The top half of the marriage license will contain personal information for Spouse A and Spouse B. The City Clerk will have completed this information based off your application. Double-check to make sure it’s correct.

2. Sign at the bottom

Note who is listed as Spouse A (blue box) and Spouse B (green box). Using black ink (yes, they care about this), sign your signature below – Spouse A in the blue highlight, Spouse B in the green highlight.

For Zoom weddings, you can either print out the license and sign by hand, or you can digitally sign using a program like Adobe or DocuSign.

How to Complete a NYC Marriage License: the Witness

1. Fill out witness information and sign

NYC requires one witness, but you can have two if you’d like. For Witness 1, fill out your personal information (purple highlight), then sign on the line to the right of Spouse A’s signature (purple highlight)

2. Fill out Witness 2’s information and sign, if you have two witnesses

If you have a second witness, Witness 2 will fill out their personal information (orange highlight), then sign on the line to the right Spouse B’s signature (orange highlight).

For Zoom weddings, you can either print out the license to complete by hand, or you can digitally complete using a program like Adobe or DocuSign.


How to Fill In a NYC Marriage License: the Officiant

1. Fill in Officiant information

In NYC you must ordained and also registered with New York City. When filling in a NYC marriage license, you must list your personal information (yellow highlight). It’s also smart to list your NYC ID number (found at the top-right corner of your NYC officiant registration certificate) next to your title or signature.

For Zoom weddings, you can either print out the license to complete by hand, or you can digitally complete using a program like Adobe or DocuSign.

2. Note ceremony time and location

You’ll need to accurately record what time the ceremony took place, as well as the location (yellow highlight). You’ll also need to note the county of the ceremony. Note that if you’re officiating a Zoom ceremony and you are in a different location than the marrying couple, you should list the county that the marrying couple is in.

3. Sign at the bottom

Sign your signature at the bottom (yellow highlight).



I have got married and now want to submit the marriage license how can I do it?

If you received it from Project Cupid, you need to reupload it to your Project Cupid portal, and also email to If you got it from another City Clerk, you need to return it to that City Clerk (call to ask how you should submit it).

Hi there! Thank you SO much for all of this information on how to navigate through obtaining a marriage license! My fiancĂ© and I are awaiting an appointment as there are none for May 28th, yet! We love your work and style. We are wondering what your rate is for photos the day of and how you go about the day, we are still deciding on the plan for the day, but are leaning more towards elopement style and possibly having three – four family members join us. Also, wondering if you offer video? Please let us know when you have a moment. Thank you!

Hi Avashti,
Thank you so much! I’m emailing you now directly so we can chat more about elopement packages 🙂

The information provided here was something I had spent almost an hour searching for. I got all I needed and I couldn’t be more thankful. Good job!!!

You’re very welcome! Congrats on your engagement!

What if the officiant forgot to put in the county on the bottom of the license app. And the couple already submitted the license. What happens then?

Hi Suriyah,

I’m not sure what happens, but the City Clerk may get in touch with the officiant to get them to fill out that portion. The officiant can be proactive and reach out to the City Clerk to rectify the omission.

Hi, your blog has been so helpful as a first time officiant! Does the NYC Wedding License also need to be notarized or just simply completed as noted above?

Hi Carm,
I’m glad that you found this guide helpful! For NYC, no notarization is needed.

Thank you for all this information, it has been very helpful for us. I have a quick question that I can’t seem to find the answer to.My fiancĂ© and I are getting married in a church in NYC on July 10th. We made an appointment with NYC cupid for 59 days before our wedding. Does the marriage license need to be uploaded/submitted before the 60 day mark, or will the license be valid as long as the ceremony takes place and the license is signed within the 60 day mark? Thank you for your help.

Hi Mark,
Glad you found the guides helpful, and congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Your ceremony must take place within 60 days after the license is issued; you will have five days after that to submit the license back to the City Clerk (but the earlier, the better).

All the best for your wedding day!

Thank you so much for your quick reply, it was very helpful and very much appreciated. Have a great day and good luck to everyone else getting married!

Hello! Thank you so much for the detailed guidance that is simple to understand. I have 2 questions.
1. Once the signed license is uploaded to project cupid, do we receive the official blue marriage certificate in the mail or do we have to go pick it up when they open up?
2. What are your rates for civil ceremony pictures?
Thank you!

Hi Ahlam,

Yes, after your marriage ceremony, you’ll need to re-upload the signed license to Project Cupid AND email it to . You will receive an email confirmation about 24-48 hours after that. Your marriage certificate will be mailed to you via USPS; no need to pick up anything.

For photography, email me at and let me know what you’re envisioning! Elopement packages including both in-person officiating and in-person photography currently start at $2,550.

Hi, I saw on nyc gov website that we only need to upload the signed marriage license to MyCupid portal OR email it to Do I have to do both?

I recommend submitting it to both, to be on the safe side.

Hi Jocelyn,

My fiancé and I were able to secure an upcoming zoom ceremony on July 14th however we didn’t get an email to include our witness. I’ve tried emailing them but no response for two days.
Should I just keep bothering them? Or is there a way I can send our witness a link to the ceremony so they can upload their info

Hi Anahi,
I’m not familiar with how the City Clerk is conducting their new online ceremonies; I’d recommend reaching out to or DMing them on Twitter. Good luck!

Hi there,
Thanks so much for all this information. I do have a question—since they ask for location on the license, do we HAVE to get married in New York? If I got married somewhere else with my New York license would it be invalid? Thanks!

Hi Vishala,

A New York marriage license is only valid in the state of New York.



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